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Gaston Custom Calls



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Transport your ducks and geese out in Style with this timeless stitched leather Tote, designed to go over the shoulder or around neck. This tote consist of an English Leather Strap and 12 drops made of 550 Military Grade parachute cord, each with a solid brass cinch ring. The 12 drops are detachable with a solid brass connector for easy removal from strap for storage.

It also has an additional 1/50 connector in the middle of the strap.

This tote was designed to avoid making return trips when bringing game from the blind.

Parachute Cord drops are available in Olive Drab or Coyote Color.

All products are made with English Bridle Leather, Solid Brass, and 550 Military Grade parachute cord. All products, and hardware are American Made and Hand Made.

Lifetime Warranty: Chambless Game Totes LLC shall provide a lifetime warranty on all hardware, leather, and paracord parts against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the original Buyer. Chambless Game totes LLC will replace the product with a new or reasonably equivalent to the original Product. The warranty period for a replacement product replaced in accordance with the terms of the Lifetime Warranty shall be 90 days from the date of replacement. When a defective product is returned, the replacement product becomes your property and the replaced Product becomes Chambless Game Totes LLC's property.

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